The Tethered goat... 


    Hive & Home

 In addition to the delight and             whimsy of our frolicing goats, we have also taken up the art of bee charming. 

Our organic apiary is located on site here at the farm which enables us to keep a close watchful eye on our busy little bees. The tropical subtleties of the natural floridian environment allows for the sweet nectar of Palmetto plants to blossom and thrive year round. The delicious result when you add bees into the mix is fresh Palmetto blossom honey. We harvest our coveted organic honey once a year but the harvest is plenty. 

The honey however, isn't the ONLY thing the bees have to offer. The soft and aromatic wax makes good for lip balm, as well as beautifully decorative handcrafted candles.

And, One of the tricks to keeping happy organic bees, is keeping happy organic flowering plants nearby. But what to do when the blossoms are discarded? why, make amazing lighted and warmed potpourri mason jars of course! We handcraft our jars to offer both ambiance and a warm fragrant touch.

​Just let us know what you're looking for (we're pretty crafty) and we'll see if we cant just make it happen!

Check our Facebook page for our honey harvesting availbility.  Hand made crafts available year round.

​     The wee babes

The Nigerian dwarf is a mini dairy goat of West African descent. known for being extremly loyal, loving and smart, these goats make amazing pets! 

Our goats are hand raised using only organic milk, feed and of course love. The babies can move to their new homes as soon as 1 week after they are born. Which means you will have the joy of bottle feeding and bonding with them from the get go! We offer both ADGA registered and non. I begin their leash training (tethering) by day 3.  These goats CAN be house broken and walked just like a dog but without the barking. 

When you adopt one of our hand raised babies, it doesnt end there. We pride ourselves on being here every step of the way to help or answer any questions/concerns you may have.

All of our babies have been de-wormed and have had their first set of CDT shots. We post pictures of available bucklings/doelings as they become available for adoption on our facebook page.

​We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We are a family owned and run self sustaining organic farm and apiary. specializing in organically

bottle fed and leash trained Nigerian dwarf goats. Free range organic fed chickens, chicks and 

eggs. As well as an organic apiary or "bee yard" offering the sweetest palmetto blossom honey you'll

ever taste! Whether it's a loving pet, or the farm fresh organic eggs, milk, cheese honey, or homemade goodies we have been blessed to offer, we're glad you stopped in...

    Roost & Range

​Ahhh, the homestead. I can smell it now... right. I live on it. At any rate, we offer free ranged & organic fed chickens. As most of you know, chickens lay eggs. The eggs can then be harvested or hatched. We offer all of the above.

​Our "girls" consist of pure bread Americana's as well as the barred rock breed. We have two separate flocks on the farm. One travels sans rooster while the other has the "crower" in tow. All are free ranged and organic fed. The hand raised chicks are lovingly available year round as are the eggs. If it is "dinner" you seek, You will need to contact us in advance so that we may meet your needs.

While the chickens lay eggs, the goats offer just a littl bit more... 

​we do offer handmade organic goat cheese, Che'vre (feta isnt read-ta?) yet... anyway, we also offer raw goat's milk. I am FORCED to tell you that these are for animal consumption ONLY. Please look up why.

​Hey. we love you already for just checking us out. And, we are ALWAYS here if you need anything...

Welcome Home....